Making sense of life

There are days when you wake up and the hours seem to elongate and your body becomes wearier. Then there are days where you start to understand and accept that life is but momentarily and you have every right to enjoy it. I came to the conclusion that acceptance and balance are essential in creating a happy life. Of course I am no prodigy and this idea has been precedent. I had a moment of realization in which I am grateful for.

We tend to be the harshest critics of our own demise and the most egotistical in our success. There needs to be a balance in which you love and accept yourself and realize that your faults are as important as your success. Humility is rather rare and even I can’t say I am the project model for it. Modesty seems to be an extraterrestrial concept. Times are changing and everyday is defined more by a virtual world. Yet, feeling moments of helplessness will always be a living creature inside us.

We all seek reverence and love; yet forget that we must treat ourselves accordingly. You can’t ask someone to do something that you haven’t mastered. This term, as redundant as it may seem withholds value. It becomes cliché because loving yourself is important and although it seems easy it can seem far from reach for many. What does respecting yourself even mean? I have no answers and I cannot dictate anything factual all I have are ideas, and my idea of respect simply understands you are worthy.

I have days in which I question more than what’s good for me, I think more than I need too and I care excessively. I always felt like I never had to apologize for my feelings and I will never, but I realized that these things could be avoidable. Of course I will have bad days but if I accept that troubles are the genesis to happiness, then I have come one step closer to being exceptional in all my grace.

I will always ponder and my mind will always be racing with different ideas and that’s okay. I am who I am and I can only embrace that. I am still forming and my brain is constantly under metamorphose. I hope to understand the meaning of the words what, why, and who after all, words are conventional but perception is ever changing. I perceive to be what and who I desire to be. Why? Because I am human and it is my unalienable right to the pursuit of happiness.


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