Society sucks

Society has taught us our worth. Dictating what we should do, how we should act and what we should look like. We negate intelligence and our ambitions are unattainable standards of beauty. We tease and we are teased. We are bullies and we are bullied. We are quick to find imperfections but can’t solve an equation. We live in a society that feeds off insecurity and harbors mental illness. From very little we are handed Barbie’s and these perfect dolls are engraved in our brains. You hand her a Barbie then wonder why she won’t eat dinner.

Society has instilled in a new holy grail. This grail of overly- sexualized women. The harm this does is everlasting. As these girls grow older they begin to seek plastic surgeons. Enough does not exist in our media. We live in a world where we spend more time looking at a screen then real people. We are constantly being told that unless we have this or look like this we will not be happy.

People seek vanity and hope for virtue. There will never be satisfaction. There will always be that one media message saying you still aren’t good enough. Superficial beauty is subjective don’t let society objectify you.


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