Today, I questioned what defines success. Many times success is attributed to money. I suppose money is essential for survival and that to an extent can be an indicator of success. What’s funny is most young people think they’ll be rich one day. They fantasize about the day they will have fancy cars and an unlimited collection of Jordan’s. Yet, I ponder this word and do not associate with either of those things. I think success is finding something you love to do and doing it everyday. I think its making someone feel special and learning how to share a smile. I feel that being a genuinely good and an honest person is success.

Many times we forget that these qualities withhold the most value. Buying something is great but as the cliché quote goes, you can’t buy the best things in life. Which is true. Being a successful person isn’t measured by all the Christmases you missed and all the calls you forgot to return. Having a passion and being a passionate person characterize being successful. Money is an inanimate object , not to say that a dollar earned doesn’t feels great, but life is more than that dollar earned. It’s what drove you to earn that dollar and it’s the moment you will generate with that dollar. Success is a mental state in which we rejoice at life and are proud of the people in the mirror.


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