The boy who just cared too much

That’s when he asked me why do people use me? I didn’t know what to say. The words in my mouth could not be strong enough to fill this void and take the pain away. You can tell them someone someday someone love you for everything that makes you unique.Truth is, that isn’t guaranteed. Love is beautiful but it doesn’t emit itself into everyone’s life. In that instance his world came to a halt. He felt inadequate. In reality he was incandescent and radiant ray of kindness. He was a bona fide individual who sought the best in others.

As I comforted his insecurities I was speaking to myself. The girl who thought she was unlovable and felt that loneliness was her only companion. I was looking into a mirror and I saw the same emptiness in him as I did in me. We were one. We felt the same pain and our sorrow binded us together and somehow we managed to create smiles. We had this ability to make one another feel loved. We both felt everything so much that our veins would swell up. Sometimes we feared that feeling everything would destroy us.

We were soul mates. Not because we were in love with each other but because we loved each other and understood every emotion we felt. We shared empathy and love. We appreciated each other and believed in each other. I couldn’t promise him that he would find love. But if someday, someone was worthy of his fire; they would let him shine brighter than I ever could.


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