What is Amore

Love is a very interesting thing. It’s perhaps the most confusing emotion in the world. It may not even be an emotion. Simply because it’s so powerful. Powerful enough to make you live with a horrible gut wrenching feeling and powerful enough to make you reach nirvana. Human beings are terrified of being alone and the moment you find another human being who makes you feel beyond happy: that is when the river of insecurities, fears, traumas rushes in. You can’t evade it; all you can do is trust. You can trust that they won’t intentionally hurt you, you can trust that they will always be by your side and you can trust that their words will be nothing other than the truth. The risk is beyond risqué. You’re risking your entire being. You gave someone the power to break you. How could we as humans, possibly give our entire selves to someone else? It is simple; our fear of being alone is greater than our fear of being broken. Being alone can lead us to do terrible things. Our minds will wander into the darkest black holes. Being broken is a reminder that we are human and somehow we will mend everything back together. Yea we’re all scared and no boogeyman can ever be worse than the fear of losing someone who makes you smile in your sleep.
Love is an interesting thing and it will continue to target future generations and confuse the minds of millions. We have two choices; we can either run from it or run with it. It’s better to be risky and have something to lose, than fear risking anything and have nothing to gain.


2 Replies to “What is Amore”

  1. Amazing words. I got caught reading the last 5 entries well doing cardio. Probably the only reason i got through it 🙂


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