Was it worth the wait?

Sometimes you’re just tired, tired of waiting, tired of wishing and tired of the same routine. I get tired of wishing certain things were different and not doing anything to change them. Sometimes you grow tired of people their lies, and their overall disruptive behavior in your life. In spite of all this, we continue to live in this evergreen cycle. The one in which we continue to live with conformity with the inevitable.

It’s only natural to conform; we were taught that this was the basis of happiness. To avoid this would be to risk that. We may have the ability to jump out of a plane and scream at the top of our lungs but we don’t have the ability to allow ourselves to scream on the inside, with a painful silence. Regardless, of how torturous waiting can be, It is better then any “what if”. Gradually, you grow tired of waiting for life or them to change.


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