The moment we fall

Somewhere along the line I fell. Perhaps it was in the middle of a sentence or in a stare. It wasn’t what I thought it would be. I had all these thoughts and daydreams of what never was. It wasn’t what I imagined and it will never be ideal. Ideal doesn’t exist. What you pictured is not what it will be like. It will be a million times better. I never saw it nor could I imagine what I never felt. I did fall and as afraid as I was I did it.

It’s not perfect, its difficult and it doesn’t get easier. However, you learn to deal with things more easily. I never saw it coming. It stung me like a bee. It gave me a shocking sensation and gradually it began to hurt, but all swelling goes down with time and care.

I would say fall with care but you can never prepare for that. You cannot prepare for something that you haven’t experienced and even If you have it’s always different. Instead, prepare to feel everything all at once, to feel a raging session of acupuncture and to feel like the waves in the ocean that finally find peace with the shore. Falling in love will just happen and it will be great but loving someone who looks at you like you align the stars in the sky is priceless.


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