More than Just Body Parts

I’m not one to condone women expressing their sexuality but I do think that women are overly-sexualized. It’s a constant cycle in which women’s bodies are subjected for male entertainment. The fact that women’s accomplishments are overlooked because society is more concerned with her body, is proof of patriarchy in our society. Female athletes will appear on the cover of a magazine always appearing “sexy” while men are empowered and look strong. When we discuss a male athlete we will describe their accomplishments before we discuss their body. For example, Allison Stoke a pole vaulter, was recognized more for her sexuality than athleticism.However, Male athletes are viewed as “Gods.” Women are objectified and what they look like seems to be valued more than what they have to say or do. Ironically, what society values about women is also the quickest thing to be judged. You want to see her naked but you are also quick to call her a hoe,slut and any other derregotary term. In the case with female athletes, society will say maybe she isn’t  a “real” athlete.Women are dehumanized and succumbed to being only body parts. Patriarchy has got to go.


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