Institutionalized Racism

It’s become part of who we are, what we know and how we feel. It can be graphic and blunt or subtle and obscure. It can take on many forms but it is undeniably there. It comes from authority, the ignorant and the internalized idea we all have that “white is better.” We are taught those who question it, are radicals and that in itself is a bad thing. We are subjected to follow social norms.These same norms that justify irrational killings and stereotyping races. These norms that allow us to perplex judgement and abide to discrimination. Racism is not a fight that was finished in the front steps of the Lincoln Memorial in 1963. Racism is a fight that we fight today, the same fight that categorizes us as the debris of humanity.I refuse to accept the fact that one day my children will feel inferior because of their race. I refuse to accept that just because things are “better” we should leave it alone. I refuse to conform and allow these internalized ideas become a social norm.


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