Dating in 2015

5o years ago when a boy asked for a girl’s number he intended on calling her and scheduling a date. Nowadays, asking for a girl’s number consists of txting her and not actually hearing her voice until you see her. Technology has given us new ways to meet,flirt, and show affection. For example, to be sweet you post someone as your MCM (man crush monday) or WCW (women crush wednesday).There is nothing wrong with showing someone off to their “followers” however, it is effortless and this effortless affection has internalized itself in today’s dating world. What you post can be detrimental, what you like will be questioned and who you follow can end in conflict.

The flaws of the internet can result in you being on a date with a girl who you feel you may get along  with well, suddenly, she’s comfortable enough and she keeps checking to see if she has any likes or retweets. Then she’ll go on complaining about all the creeps online and you will just sit there and all of a sudden realize you just met another girl dying for attention, probably emitting from lack of love or other “daddy issues.”

You might feel like you met a great guy then you notice that he still has his ex girlfriend on social media, he assures you it’s no big deal but bear in mind that he will be looking at her most likely weekly or daily. Her “liking” something relevant to you may just be a nice coy to allude you from the fact that there is still something there.

Your end result? you see failed attempts to healthy functioning relationships and you’re left with bitter single people saying that men are all pigs and hoes ain’t loyal. Social media has become a part of our culture and our identity. What we post is how people will view us and that in itself makes it all the more important. In regards to dating in this “like” culture, my only advice is don’t look for a soulmate on tinder or self worth on Instagram or your ability to be witty and humorous on twitter. My advice is simple, put it down and actually live in the moment. Don’t be consumed by a virtual reality instead ponder,dream, and listen.Stop saying all men are the same and stop insinuating that all women want attention. Stop browsing and start living.


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