A letter to the man who drives me nutty

Dear Andy,

I have a strange fascination with time capsules and this is basically me recording a piece of our history and time together. I always found “relationships” to be an unknown species. They were what I would avoid yet secretly wished for. I have grown so much and learned so much about us and myself. I didn’t know I was so affectionate up until I met you. I didn’t know complete sadness or bliss. I didn’t know uncertainty and I didn’t fear losing anything. I know so many different feelings and I am so happy I do. They are so essential to a soul. One cannot live without feeling everything. Despite, if its good or bad.  You have made my life so damn special. There is nothing better than waking up knowing there is someone to remind you that they are there for you and are thinking of you. Being with you, I admire the simple things. I love our simplicity,spontaneity and our ability to understand each other and make sense of life together. I love you and for you I mean it with all my soul.



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