Racism in 2015

We live in a world in which race has become a fiend. A fiend; nonetheless to the people of color the ones who do not benefit from racism. The people that have chanted “si se puede”, the ones who “Can’t breathe.” It’s 2015 and we still have to reiterate, “Black lives matter.” For those, who believe that it should be “all lives matter”, indeed you are correct; However, white lives are already valued. Until every other life is put on the same scale we have to fight for that particular group to be treated like human beings.

We live in a world where black features are celebrated on everyone except black people. The world that has put “big butts” and “big lips” on a pedestal, on anyone that isn’t black. We live in a world in which people of color don’t have the same job opportunities, are more likely to be detained without cause and have less access to healthcare. We live in a world in which people call affirmative action reverse racism yet Ivy leagues are still overwhelmingly white.

We are taunted and our legal status is questioned. We are portrayed as the lesser in every way. We will be pulled over for no justifiable reason, we will be looked down upon simply because we aren’t viewed as capable. We are told “you aren’t in the back of the bus and so it’s all good.” Truth is, we live in a world that wants us to be submissive, to allow implicit racial bias to be instilled in future generations. We live in a world that has not yet metaphorically finished Martin Luther king’s march to Montgomery.


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