What humans need to survive

Love is substantial in life. It is the building blocks to our beings and the fortification of our biggest insecurities. We feel immortal yet our existence is peripheral. In our dreams we are taken to a dimension in which our biggest fears are but a byproduct of our subconscious at work. We crave human interaction and what separates us from other species is that we love at an extraordinary rate and we do not simply “mate” or protect our offspring’s till they are ready to go off. We create emotions that are so vast they have the power to destroy us or save us. Our every step is a rambunctious trajectory. Even when we are lost in the equivalency of despair we never seize to forget what we desire. Whether we disappear into nothing or appear into something. We are driven by our desire to feel. It is irrevocable we are the seekers of something we don’t understand.


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