What it means to be “yourself”

Being yourself has undoubtedly been the best piece of advice we can ever receive. We are told that by being ourselves things will all fall into place. The question is what is being ourselves? Aren’t we all trying to fit into a certain quota, aren’t we always evolving, aren’t we all seeking the same things? When is it appropriate to be ourselves? What if we are still trying to figure out who we are?

I think being yourself is knowing that someone will always be better than you, more attractive, smarter but no one will ever possess a combination of your qualities and flaws. I think being yourself is important but I think being yourself is more about finding comfort and satisfaction in knowing that you are the person you wish to be or will work hard to be that person. Being yourself is not remaining the same but its changing your mind, learning and doing what makes you happy. Being you can mean a lot of things but most importantly it’s learning to love yourself.


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