WHITE Hollywood

The film Stonewall is a cast full of white cis males portraying trans POC (people of color). That sentence in itself sounds ridiculous but that is the reality of what we see on the big screen.This film is suppose to portray a historical event yet it is just another example of how hollywood loves to white wash history. This film is also suppose to depict a trans¬†movement yet the films “Marsha” is far from anything relevant to that.When we go to the movies it’s ninety percent white faces on the screen and the times that they can finally have a trans poc star in a film they give it to a “teen heartthrob.” Isn’t that what Twilight, and Magic Mike are for? Why erode history? Why take an opportunity for a trans actors? Why disrespect a community that already lacks representation? The answer is simple, Hollywood is run by white cis male who like to retell stories of courage but if the real life character wasn’t white, they can fix that.


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