Finding them.

There is this almost surreal phenomenon that is invigorating in its virtue. Sure, certain drugs can supposedly induce such feelings but this is not a temporary release of endorphins, it is far more intricate. Finding them, more specifically finding that one person that changes how you see the world.

My existence was very selfish. I believed that what we needed was to find ourselves in the things we love. What I failed to see was that also meant people. Life in plural was far more emotionally stimulating. Everything felt right at times and sometimes it felt wrong but that is what was so beautiful.We have this strange misconception that relationships are meant to be exactly like all the cliche quotes we memorized. There is a lot of bad and a lot of good.The bad is what makes you realize how much you truly care for someone. It makes you compromise,sacrifice and learn what it means to bare your soul.You can’t have a good day without a bad one and you can’t have a real relationship without raw tears and anger.

Loving people and them loving you back is far more stimulating than any man-made stimulant. It is simply said but at times it can feel radically abstract.Finding someone that teaches you about yourself is frighteningly exquisite. Finding someone that can turn your day around in a matter of seconds, someone who can get in your head in a matter of mili-seconds, someone who can make you feel at ease, someone who can break into your most obscure emotions, and someone who can make any situation feel like the first is exactly what we need to tap into every corner of our vital force.Finding them, you feel grateful for their existence and your smile becomes effortless. Life seems like an adventure and sometimes you worry how you will ever truly explain to them how they make you feel. It’s inexplicable and physically, emotionally spellbinding. Finding them, you never want to know what it’s like to lose them.You pinky promise to keep each other around because its like hair raising shivers;they come in surprise and make you feel preternatural.


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