Dystopian Society

In all honesty we live in a Dystopian society. A society that tells you that you aren’t good enough. A society that sells you sex, practices prejudice, racism, misogyny and worships corruption. We are told that we are incompetent until we purchase a product and when we do we need to get the newer one. We are told that we are all equal yet we are still divided in racial and social class. We are told justice exists but only if you are rich and preferably white. We are told that we need to be confident but every magazine is telling us we need to change. We are told that the kids are the future yet everyday their education is cut by funds. We are told that drugs are bad yet everything in pop culture tells us otherwise. We are told that men and women are equal but we just can’t get paid the same. We are told that our government is honest yet we are still waiting on a war to end. We are told that minimum wage is a fundamental human right yet everyday millions of people around the world are working in sweat shops for virtually nothing. We are told that we should believe in “till death do us part” yet we see more divorce than happy endings. We live in a world in where all we need is love and the new iPhone 6 update.


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