“White Feminism”

First of all, I want to begin by saying that white women can be feminist but their experience as a women is very different than that of a person of color because they still do have white privilege. That’s what white feminism does, it ignores intersectionality of women.  In white feminism the sole purpose is to be equal to white men. They talk about the wage gap but fail to address that the wage gap for women of color is even larger. They say that want to be equal to men but when they say men they aren’t referring to Latino, black, Asian, Indian etc… Because these men still experience oppression. White feminist tend to only discuss issues that pertain to their specific race and gender. Their fight is every exclusive however they claim to be inclusive.Feminism and race correlate and so one cannot be discussed without the other. As well as sexuality and gender identification. White feminism believes that all women are equally oppressed but before you make such assumption please check your privilege.


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