First day without social Media

Its 2015 people and if you don’t instagram what you’re doing chances are it didn’t happen. We tweet,do it for the gram and overall are consumed by social media. There are its pros and cons to it just like everything else in life. I decided to take a break from social media and the first few hours were surprisingly the hardest and as the day went on it became easier. I tend to check social media as soon as i wake up with all the eye boogers in my eyes I scroll. Today, however, I didn’t do that. I found myself having the urge to go scroll and to compensate I read random articles online and that was actually much more amusing than seeing a selfie of someone I don’t speak too. I did feel extremely disconnected but It was a good disconnected.My physical world was all I could see and the virtual world in which you could see peoples lives in glimpses of pictures and 140 characters was nothing but a myth.I can’t say it was life changing so far but definitely relaxing.


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