Why true love doesn’t cheat

I understand we are all humans and are visual creatures but when you truly love someone you do only have eyes for them. I am in no way saying you can’t look at other people and admire aesthetic beauty. Admiration isn’t the same as wanting to be with someone. I can find you attractive but that doesn’t mean I want you to replace what I have. In my eyes, you are nothing other than a pretty face.

For me, Its not just about morals but its about the person I am with and the respect, love and trust I have for them.When you love someone you respect boundaries. In my experience, I can humbly say I have never been tempted. I don’t feel a lack of an emotional connection or a physical one and thus I don’t feel the need to do anything other than be loyal. When people say “it’s a challenge to be faithful” I cannot concur on any level. I find being faithful simply human nature. I belong to him and he belongs to me.I don’t think wanting casual sex with a stranger is a sign of love in your relationship.If you find yourself eagerly wanting all your sexual fantasies with a stranger to come true then perhaps you need to reevaluate your relationship.

I believe that fidelity exists and for those that don’t please stop infiltrating notions of anti-love onto others. It isn’t right to ruin the magic for others just because you are trying to cope with personal issues. No, it isn’t cool to say EVERYONE CHEATS OR EVERYONE IS GONNA BREAK YOUR HEART, you cannot assume that the world is a reflection of the person who hurt you. I whole heartedly believe that the world is full of people seeking to be loved. To those who believe everyone is gonna hurt them, I want you to know that love does prevail many things and it isn’t easy but if its genuine it will surpass all your expectations and be outright beautiful.

The Smiths said it “I won’t share you” and in just four words it described what being love is all about.


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