Why Rich Instagram People are not Goals

If you have an instagram or twitter you have probably encountered the word “goals” under a picture of a rich couple doing rich people things or under a rich person doing rich people things in general. Ladies, no a guy will not take you to paris spontaneously and then have a photoshoot with you that same night and upload a ridiculously cheesy but romantic caption. Be happy if he buys you Starbucks, times are tough life is expensive. Guys, no you probably will not drive a lambo all day with a girl in a bikini next to you and somehow someone will document it.Stop thinking a girl would want to walk around in a bikini all day because truth is we don’t  and you probably won’t drive a lambo. These are all very unrealistic expectations of life. The thing about social media is that we have the ability to create a life apart from our own.We show what we want people to see not what is necessarily reality.

Stop writing “goals” because goals are things to strive for that will better you, striving for a relationship that takes HD pictures while they are eating perfectly assorted breakfast is not goals it is just stupid. I don’t understand how someone that takes time out of their day to make sure their food is aligned perfectly to the stars and make sure that the sun is hitting it the right angle could possibly be goals?

Many of these people feel they need validation from strangers and so they portray a lifestyle that is almost unattainable. Most people can’t take vacations every weekend and do all these crazy things because we have lives and responsibilities. I don’t see the point in comparing yourself to a picture yet that is what we do with social media. We look at something and think “goals, why not have real goals and instead of stalking someone else’s life appreciate your own.Trust, somewhere out there, there is a kid in a developing nation looking at your life and thinking bed goals, food goals.


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