Dear people who want to give up

Always remind yourself on the darkest days that one day there will be a time in when the sun will shine erratically on a gloomy day and someone will find happiness in your smile. I am a huge believer in learning from the worst days and soaking in the good ones. There is something utterly beautiful about you, in the way you respond to things and in the way you manage to be an abstract human with grace in their heart. Bad days are an obstacle and your tears are a reminder of the vulnerability in your soul.

Love with no fear, drop your barriers and appreciate the beauty in being you and sharing yourself with others. Don’t be afraid to fall in love for the first time or again. There is nothing better than someone looking at you like you are surreal. Walking away may seem like the end but it is not. You are meant to share your soul. Share it with people who won’t let you simply gleam but illuminate. Lay down next to someone who will make you feel safe, dance with someone who will make you feel carefree and live in someone’s stare. Maybe they weren’t the one, but don’t ever believe that gloom is your destiny because happiness lives in your smile and someone is yearning to find it.


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