Queens of Color

In the heat of the moment, she was unapologetic and transcended her soul into the gates of self-acceptance. She didn’t appreciate being told she was pretty for a “—–” she knew that translated to a very racially implicit “compliment.” In other words, it meant you have more eurocentric features for a person of color. She didn’t strive to be the epitome of beauty because she knew that her rich melanin skin was already beautiful. She knew she didn’t have to change her dark features because they weren’t simply exotic but they were the imprint of the sun kissing her ancestors. She knew that the most rebellious act she could commit was to find herself beautiful in a world that told her otherwise. She was unapologetic about claiming her beauty to be more than “just for a person of a color,” but for any person. She denied the white standard and denounced stereotypes. She wasn’t too dark and her hair wasn’t too thick or too nappy. She was “too” beautiful and the world was simply scared to admit it. 


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