Silicon Valley

I am all about choices and believe that everyone has a choice to do whatever the hell they want with their bodies. However, I also believe that we don’t need to change our appearance to be “sexy” or “beautiful” in order to fit societal norms. I think society’s idea of beauty is shit.Society welcomes us into the world by telling us “let’s all be beautifully fake” and that in itself is harming to our youth. I do not want to contribute to a patriarchal society that is telling me I need to have certain features to please a man. Ideally, I wish people would accept themselves for who they are and know that you don’t need to succumb to be a prototype of artificial beauty. You are beautiful in your purest and realest form and as sir mix a lot said it “silicone was made for toys.” Don’t rely on surgeries for confidence. If you aren’t pleased with yourself now, a surgery isn’t going to change that. Confidence is about your internal relationship with yourself and society shouldn’t dictate what that relationship is. Silently uphveal society by being that maverick who loves what their momma gave them.


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