White Man’z World

Stealing the title of Makaveli but what can I say its relevance remains a strong presence. Being black or brown you live in a world that will tell you to to walk with your head down. People of color are viewed as common criminals and lazy. Ironically people of color commit less crimes in America than whites. We’re lazy despite the fact we are the exploited working class. We are told that white represent purity and black represents evil.Call us welfare queen despite the fact  most recipients of welfare are white.  Every step we take we are consumed with images of Eurocentric beauty ideals. We are told we are “too” dark but every year hundreds of thousands of white girls and boys are laying out in the sun hoping to get a shade darker. White people wear braids and it is considered edgy a black girl does the same  she is dubbed “ratchet.” White people have the ability to claim everything in every culture because when they do it, it is no longer considered “wrong.” Being black and brown we know “whiteness” correlated with everything good .

Part of living in a white man’s world is we have to accept their privilege. Part of living in this White man’s world is we constantly have to hear white people victimize themselves and deny their privilege. They try to take away from our movements and tell us no black lives don’t matter because all lives matter. They will never admit it, how can you admit to racism when you benefit from it? The oppressor tells us we are equal yet here we are writing about what it is like to live in a white man’s world.


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