That is what happens when you are fragile, you break easily and you don’t know why. You spend hours analyzing your heart and still cannot decipher why must you feel everything so deeply. You are infatuated with love and marvel at its beauty. You get frustrated and you drive yourself insane wondering why you care when other don’t.  However, being fragile is a gift:the way your heart smiles at simplicity and the way you appreciate human touch. Having a fragile heart doesn’t make you weak it makes you understand the world through the context of your emotions. Weakness is not derived from your ability to love. Weakness derives from your inability to accept the uncertain. The world is not meant to be monotonous. You are suppose to feel even what kills you and it is vivacious and vicious all at once. Don’t be afraid to break for it only means you exude love and inevitably you become beautiful.


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