Men have Feelings Too

Our men are taught that femininity is for the weak and masculinity is for men. The definition of masculinity has told men that feelings are for women and their manhood is proven with the objectification of women. Before they are men they are human and being humane is something we forget to be. We are so consumed in assimilating into the roles we were given we forget that humans cry, love and feel everything. Emotions are not secluded for a specific gender. Rape culture derives from the idea of “being a man.” We hear it in music we see it in films, everywhere we go we see men evading emotional attachments and promoting sexual objectification. Men are not predisposed to rape or lack of emotion. Men fall in love, they get heart-broken, they enjoy all the things that are classified as “feminine.”However, if we don’t acknowledge the fact that our societal norms need to change we will never reach gender equality. I am not saying men and women are exactly the same I am saying we all feel the same things and we need to make” having emotions” inclusive for both genders. Also, teach our men that women can contribute more to society than just sex. I believe men deserve the right to be able to feel and not have to prove their masculinity at the expense of diminishing a  women’s worth.


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