A little Optimism is good for the Soul

Life is a mixture of turmoil and extreme euphoria. Every hardship is meant to teach the importance of optimism. The importance of accepting failure and accepting that bad things simply just happen. We cannot evade what we fear the most we can do is accept it as a lesson. Optimism doesn’t mean one cannot cry, tears are the soul releasing its fears. As you cry you are freeing yourself from the pain within. It is extremely important to remember that things will be okay one day. Even when it feels like breathing is becoming a chore, someone now or one day will have faith because your existence will baffle them. So much will tear you down and strip you of all you know; the world will remain unapologetic. However, you are a warrior, the restless lion that will refuse to live in desolation. You are what you wish to be, you are strong. Strength cannot be wished for only unleashed.


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