Live in Love

I am in love with a world that is cruel. Yet, it is my world and becoming a part of the problem will not give me gratification or acceptance only self-hate. I know it is difficult to love a world that tells you not to love yourself but hate is not fought with its synonym. In my soul I know I am incapable of emanating anything but love. I remain infatuated with the idea of equality and my heart will await the day we achieve this. Despite all of the dreams we kill and people we disparage there is hope for us. I could be extremely naïve but I think to live in love is everything we’re suppose to do. I have hope for us even when all we do is destroy; something beautiful will rise. Life is simple even when it is complex. Learn to love even when it is not reciprocated and you will be the beautiful thing that will rise.


2 Replies to “Live in Love”

  1. I am so deeply touched with this post of yours… I am glad that there will always be people like you who choose to see the brightest of everything in the cruel world.

    You inspire me. I hope you keep posting, and keep inspiring! 🙂


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