The Universe and its Tricks

I didnt’t know what he did but in time I understood why the universe chose him. He was vibrant, clever and he loved me in ways I didn’t even know I could feel. Even when I was in the dark I had nothing to fear.  As I closed my eyes wishing for him, 12 years later I met him and I learned to feel. Sometimes I feel like I could die for life feels too good be in twine. My heart, overwhelmed with virtue. I wrote him a song in my head and sang the words I love you in my sleep. I saw his art imprint on thine.  His words encoded my smile. I didn’t fear the dark, for the beauty I had within was luminescent. I was safe and I could live life without a doubt of all things divine.  Nothing could destroy what we had made. He found me in the darkness and joined me. We talked for hours and found life to be coming alive. He says I saved him, however, before him I was okay and thought that was fine. Today, I am in love and as crazy as it drives me saying I love you is the only thing that feels right.I, as a little girl was scared of falling in love but at the same time, couldn’t wait. I wrote the words on the paper that described his soul little did I know they would find him. I guess there is magic in all of us and if we wait, it may just all make sense. I called for him and he listened.


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