True love waits.

I am not the most religious. However, I think religion does have some beautiful ideas and I interpret them my way. I am a firm believer of “true love waits” because I don’t believe sex should be casual nor something we do simply for pleasure. Sex is beautiful and it should not be the catalyst to causality. Something so pure should be treated accordingly. I say wait. I am not necessarily saying wait till you are married but I am saying wait to find someone who finds your soul more appealing than your body. Let sex be an expression of your love. There should not be pressure or rush just love.Share yourself with the one who values every inch of your mind. Let sex be what binds you to each other. It is okay to be prude for your naked body is worth so much more than what you are told. Make Love. True love will wait and when you find it no “hook up” will compare.


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