This is a Mans World

You want to know what it is like being a women? A women of color at that? We live in constant fear of being raped. We are told our bodies distract men. As if men are primates who have no ability to control their sexual desires. We have to maintain a balance of “sex doll” and prude. Because wanting sex is slutty but not having sex is lame. We are a fetish. We are the “spicy Latina” you always wanted to have exotic sex with. We are the “Jungle fever” you are currently experiencing. We cannot tell someone of sexual assault without someone asking us what were we wearing. We are taught to protect ourselves from rape instead of teaching men not to rape. Are our men incapable of treating women as more than sexual objects? Are we taking away from men’s masculinity by teaching them to respect women’s bodies? Is masculinity built on the concept of oppression? No, No and Yes.Society has justified men’s oppression of women. Society has told us that men are better and thus they can treat us accordingly. The problem isn’t the capability of our men, it is society telling women it is their fault instead of instilling ideas of equality. I don’t need to wear a longer skirt, I need to be surrounded by men who won’t see my skirt as an invitation.


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