An undocumented Child

In school I was taught that oppression was a thing of the past. I was taught that the civil rights act in 1964 made us all equal. Yet I, an undocumented child feared being deported at any moment. I, an undocumented child witnessed my parents being told to “go back to their country.” I, an undocumented child was reminded of my place in society everytime I looked down at my arms and saw only brown. I, an undocumented child saw my sister slip into a depression because she could not receive scholarships or any financial aid because of her legal status. I, an undocumented child watched as Los gringos would say we were taking their jobs and soiling their country. I, as an undocumented child, realized police brutality was real when I heard of an unarmed black man being killed. I as an undocumented child,  noticed that darker skin was criminalized. I, as a documented adult sit here still watching the same repetitive oppression; realizing that they tried to silence our voices when the history books said “we are all now equal.”


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