I Parted the Seas

I stayed in the darkest corners. My soul disappeared into my deepest pain. He slit my throat and stole my words. My body was numb and my heart was dry. Only light I saw was when I closed my eyes. I forgot about gravity and my body flipped with every rotation of the earth. My eyelids were heavy and my lips were full of cuts. The world he gave me crumbled and I slept on top of the destruction. I cried into the ocean and spoke to God. I found Jesus before I found the devil. He told me to make my own water and to part the seas. I delivered myself from evil, and covered the cuts with salt. The pain would evade but my soul was forever changed. I was alive, resurrected from the pain.I conquered my demons with nothing but my bare hand. In their grave they laid, along with all my doubt and sorrow. I gasped for air no longer afraid.


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