May Day 

How beautiful is it to know that in me are a thousand who persisted 

I come from Quechua 

I can hear my ancestors sing to Inti Raymi 

The creases on my hand tell stories of Incan warriors resisting the white mans oppresion 

I am more than the product of colonization 

I am their revenge infused with their blessings and encompassed with education 

                                                -children of the sun 

Long way from Home

Im at the other end of the phone crying

Feeling so fucking empty

Like you just finished picking all of my insides out

I wonder how you can say one thing and mean another

I wonder how your heart turns to black overnight

Even when I feel this empty i still crave you to fill the void

But I can’t make your light bright

When mine is dying out.



The mind 

I can’t explain it to people. 

I feel like my mind is afraid of itself.  

My heart races faster than my thoughts.

I feel like I’m breaking but I’m still whole.

And yet, they are right about one thing it really is all in my head. 

                                               -anxiety attacks