Our greatest poem yet

While waiting for tomorrow

I stepped into a poem

I wondered how has my poetry begun to emulate reality

Not realizing my life is the greatest poem I will ever write.



For you,

Oceans will bow themselves into peace.

For the stars

I like to think of us as two stars learning to be.

Part of the same galaxy, forming a constellation.

We are where lovers go for evening wishes.

We are the freckles of the sky.

We are light years away but yet we still share secrets.

You tell me that I will still shine even when I die.

-A love letter to the stars

Before the night ends

I️ think about you on all types of nights.

The sorrow I adore.

The seam of all my poems.

I️ know I️ can’t read this to you.

I do however, know you’re reading this to me.


Writers of color

There is no greater remedy than soaking my hands in the arcane corners of my mind.

The Syllabals I’m breeding dance in rhyme.

I find the revolution in my words.

Gradually, a rebel is born.

Death isn’t the end

We always come back.

In the night breeze that kisses your skin.

In the trees that grow a little taller than the rest.

The songs that catch our hearts before our attention.

In every child that looks at us in bewilderment.

In the flowers that know the true powers of the sun.

Amongst the crickets and sounds of moving cars.

We always come back.