Missing white woman syndrome 

Our girls go missing and the world acts as if they were never here.
We say “Bring our girls home” 
It echoes in an empty room. 
There is no amber alert, no outrage. 
Their names disappear in the pages. 
Their faces forgotten like so many many black and brown children before them. 
Maybe if there were white girls, they would be home. 

Daughter to Father

I am your daughter
growing wild, and high.
I am your legacy, the wounds of our ancestors, your struggle in my bones.
The tears you cried, the nights you worked, the racism that hurt you, the language you struggle to speak, the dreams you gave to me.
I am your daughter
growing so high, it was you that taught me how to rise.
Your legacy–“vale la pena.”

-words to my father


Every time they tell my parents to “Speak english you’re in America,”
Every time my father struggles to put a sentence together,
I want to tear this language in half.
and swallow its words alive.
I know how to turn their words into a poem.
And when I do I’ll sing it to my parents.
I’ll have the words dance on my tongue and they’ll know their broken english makes me proud.

-Broken English

A letter to President-elect 

Dear Mr. President, 

You exist, as if the world needed more hate. When you speak we cringe, those of us you speak against. We don’t need you to make us great. We are already great. We do the things you cannot do. Build lives out of nothing. We don’t need a million dollar loan to create a life of our own. Our skin is not as accepted as yours but still we live life in love.I wonder did your mama not love you? Is that why you only know about building walls? Did she criticise like the media? Is that why you can’t handle it? Is that why you don’t respect women? So many questions I have but you would just kick me out like the time you kicked out that reporter or that black women shoved in a crowd. Your followers may want to see the strong man you claim to be. But I see how desperately you want to embody Alexander “the great.” You can say nothing and people will cheer but that’s all you know how to say. I have never heard you articulate words or conjure ideas. I have only heard a weak man raise his voice. I don’t understand how you’re not embarrassed but it makes sense since being on reality tv requires one to have no shame. You make people afraid to be themselves. You make people cry themselves to sleep. And then you just tweet. You can’t unite us in 140 characters. You can’t grab us by the pussy. You can’t make us register our religion. You can’t make us great. You may be my president but you’re not my leader.