Do not steal from artists.

Give artists credit.


Writing about someone you love 

How easy it is to write about you 

You placed the words inside me 

I just construct the poems

And just like that there is a garden of words ready to honor you. 


No one tells you how grief works. It doesn’t end with the funeral. It comes back in seasons and sits comfortably in your lap, palms and heart. You know this sadness it taste the same every year. Some days, you think of her and smile. Other days, you weep your tears dry. You pull the weeds and they grow again. It never end. Grief is the ex-lover that calls every now and then.

A love like this 

Just the thought of spending the rest of my life with him, that is the revolution I’ve been searching for. A love that lifts me so high I don’t fly, I soar. 

Daddy’s girl

My father is gentle,

I can see the softness that raised him. His love as easy as the sun kissing us goodbye every night. His hands, carved ready to receive life. His roots, my grandmothers belly. He never forgets the hips that welcomed him into this world. We all begin in a women and he so graciously raised more than one.