Thank you Universe

I have love

Love that is promised like the moon rising every night but each time a little different

I have hope

My whole life has been beautiful and even when it wasn’t I managed to be beautiful

I have health

My body works tirelessly to make sure I can dream all my dreams and write all my poems.

I have myself and the way I nourish every part of my being will be my greatest accomplishment.


There’s the past and the present

I told myself you will learn

That my past told stories

It was Just the source of my beginning

I told myself you will never accept love that isn’t complete

But somehow I found myself once again unable to leave a place I knew so well

The walls were freshly painted but it was still the same walls

The furniture smelled different but looked the same

the ground was still uneven and balance was impossible

He was still him

The past sometimes likes to find itself in the present.