Sol y Luna 

I cannot be like the moon and only shine enough so that you can be the sun. 


May Day 

How beautiful is it to know that in me are a thousand who persisted

I come from Quechua

I can hear my ancestors sing to Inti Raymi

The creases on my hand tell stories of Incan warriors resisting the white mans oppresion

I am more than a product of colonization

I am their revenge infused with their blessings and encompassed with education

-children of the sun

A letter to President-elect 

Dear Mr. President, 

You exist, as if the world needed more hate. When you speak we cringe, those of us you speak against. We don’t need you to make us great. We are already great. We do the things you cannot do. Build lives out of nothing. We don’t need a million dollar loan to create a life of our own. Our skin is not as accepted as yours but still we live life in love.I wonder did your mama not love you? Is that why you only know about building walls? Did she criticise like the media? Is that why you can’t handle it? Is that why you don’t respect women? So many questions I have but you would just kick me out like the time you kicked out that reporter or that black women shoved in a crowd. Your followers may want to see the strong man you claim to be. But I see how desperately you want to embody Alexander “the great.” You can say nothing and people will cheer but that’s all you know how to say. I have never heard you articulate words or conjure ideas. I have only heard a weak man raise his voice. I don’t understand how you’re not embarrassed but it makes sense since being on reality tv requires one to have no shame. You make people afraid to be themselves. You make people cry themselves to sleep. And then you just tweet. You can’t unite us in 140 characters. You can’t grab us by the pussy. You can’t make us register our religion. You can’t make us great. You may be my president but you’re not my leader. 

When the White Conscience Speaks 

“We have a culture problem not a race problem.”

Yet, they forget they enslaved and segregated the black community for hundreds of years. Their ancestors built their wealth by profiting off slave labor. They forget that the system that was put into place by their ancestors was designed for their successs. 

“I don’t see color” 

But that’s a problem, I am color. A beautiful color. Their discomfort in acknowledging color is proof of their discomfort with people of color. They erase identities, struggles and equate their experiences to that of people of color. How could our lives be the same when our history isn’t?

“I am not privileged, I have had a hard life.” 

But their life hasn’t been hard because they’re white it has been hard because they’re human. That is privilege. People of color will face hardships because of their race. They don’t want to believe that their advancements in life aren’t solely based on hard work but rather a systematic advantage. They deny this privilege, because accepting it would mean accepting that it isn’t fair. 

“Why can black people say black power but when white people say it it’s racist” 

Because “white power” has historically been rooted with white supremacy. The white community already has power. “Black power” isn’t about superiority but uplifting a community that has been systematically oppressed. “Black power” “Brown power” etc.. are about equality not superiority. 

People of color constantly have to be politically correct and remind the white community that not ALL are like that. That is privilege, not ALL is a given yet we still have to reassure them that they in particular did nothing wrong. Privilege is having the oppressed explain their oppression while still having to comfort the oppressors ego. 

No more Hate 

I’m so tired. Tired of all the hate. Tired of hearing people disguise their racism with patriotism. Tired of hearing people chant “build the wall.” Tired of people calling immigrants criminals. Tired of living in a country in which saying “black lives matter”  makes you a radical. Tired of people saying poc use racism as an excuse to not succeed. Tired of men degrading women and referring to it as “locker room talk.” I’m tired of people correlating Islam with terror. I’m tired of the war on women’s bodies. I’m tired of people policing others sexualites. I’m so so tired of the violence towards these communities. The hate is heavy on my eyelids, my body is exhausted of combating corruption and my heart is weeping for all the people that are afraid. 

Black Voices

Black voices speaking up
Asking for life
Asking for another day to see their loved ones alive
Asking to not live in panic
Asking to have their skin be seen without fear
Asking to matter in a world that has never cared
Black voices speaking up
White man hears silence

Dear white people,


Dear white people,


I hate the system you benefit from. I by no means hate you. I hate your privilege and I hate that some refuse to admit to this privilege. You will never understand my struggle as a person of color nor will our struggles ever be the same. I am not the epitome of anything “Eurocentric” aside from my name. I do however, have to live in a world where white is non-criminal, heroic, beautiful and everything good. I have to accept the fact that all the things that pertain to “brown” are negative. I have to accept the fact I make less money than the white man and less than the white women. I have to accept the fact that the justice system will treat me a certain way because of the pigmentation of my skin. I have to accept the fact that as a women of color I have higher chances of being sexually assaulted. I have to accept that my people, the ones who do not benefit from racism are treated like second class citizens. I hate the system that has oppressed my people for centuries and refuses to give my people the same media attention as those who do not have our ethnic features. I hate the system that fails to adhere equality.