A love like this 

Just the thought of spending the rest of my life with him, that is the revolution I’ve been searching for. A love that lifts me so high I don’t fly, I soar. 


Abuela’s advice 

My grandmother, came to me in a dream. Her words were pouring like syrup. We look nothing alike but we are so alike. Her scent one of my favorite fragrances. Her hands my second home. Her voice filling a whole room. She was mix of rough and soft. A combination of love and water. She reminds me that a woman can change a life. She tells me I’m an army of them. 


I Understand the Midnight You

I understand you.
The way your heart and mind are in a constant war.
How your thoughts become autoimmune.
The way you become comfortable in pain because it feels so familiar.
I understand what its like to swallow so many words theres books growing inside.
I know what its like to find shelter in between each word.
As if safety is when you write.

-Write your pain

Like Rain on a Daisy Chain

It is tough sitting in the rain everyday. Battling your mind and reliving all that destroys your insides. To be soaked in pain and lost in vain. Looking at your hands and wondering what they were destined to make. Looking at your legs wondering where they were meant to go. Looking at your reflection wondering who that is. The rain taught me to wait. To wait for beauty to arise from tragedy. To wait for the sunshine that will warm my hands, kiss my legs and burn in my soul. I’ll dance in the rain with my daisy chain, as the water blends with my tears and the fear will simply dissipatates.

Like Jam and Honey

There was nothing calm about us.Yet, we stuck around like Jam and honey. In the pain we found comfort and in the madness we found brilliance. Staying in flames was better than being without one another. The only direction we know was the one that lead to each other. We were chaos and we loved it. We were so different and it drove us insane. The way the world would collapse and regenerate at once, the way we could see the future and past in one moment, and the way we could never give up. It was wild and for that it was worth fighting for.