Our greatest poem yet

While waiting for tomorrow

I stepped into a poem

I wondered how has my poetry begun to emulate reality

Not realizing my life is the greatest poem I will ever write.



For you,

Oceans will bow themselves into peace.

Writing about someone you love 

How easy it is to write about you 

You placed the words inside me 

I just construct the poems

And just like that there is a garden of words ready to honor you. 

A love like this 

Just the thought of spending the rest of my life with him, that is the revolution I’ve been searching for. A love that lifts me so high I don’t fly, I soar. 

The seeds

My grandmother, came to me in a dream. Her words were serenading me into peace. We look nothing alike but we move like twins. Her scent one of my favorite fragrances. Her hands my second home. Her voice filling a whole room. She was mix of rough and soft. A combination of love and water. She reminds me that a woman can change a life. She tells me I’m an army of them.


My greatest adventure…

Becoming the wind in the storm
Learning all land is born in the sea
Realizing our story is the best one to read.