Surviving you

My ancestors survived a genocide

Women in my lineage have survived centuries of abuse from men that told them love tasted like betrayal and beat them into silence

My mother survived a country that promised her gold but did not tell her that she would break every-time she made a long-distance call home

My father survived a country that swallowed his dignity with every English word he could not pronounce

And yet, I am here doubting if I can survive the loss of you

As if I had never shattered into the stratosphere and returned brighter and more whole

My whole life is one revival after another

And you are just another poem that my mouth had to spit out

I cannot doubt my resilience it is the most concrete thing I posses


Of love

You smell of earth and taste of warmth

I think my ancestors sent you to me.


May Day 

How beautiful is it to know that in me are a thousand who persisted

I come from Quechua

I can hear my ancestors sing to Inti Raymi

The creases on my hand tell stories of Incan warriors resisting the white mans oppresion

I am more than a product of colonization

I am their revenge infused with their blessings and encompassed with education

-children of the sun