Abuela’s advice 

My grandmother, came to me in a dream. Her words were pouring like syrup. We look nothing alike but we are so alike. Her scent one of my favorite fragrances. Her hands my second home. Her voice filling a whole room. She was mix of rough and soft. A combination of love and water. She reminds me that a woman can change a life. She tells me I’m an army of them. 


For you 

I’m coming back to you.

It will feel like the ripest berry is the sweetest. 

It will feel like sleeping in on Sunday mornings. 

It will feel like music on a warm night. 

It will feel like the ocean greeting your feet. 

It will feel like everything that went wrong was what lead you home. 

Long way from Home

Im at the other end of the phone crying

Feeling so fucking empty

Like you just finished picking all of my insides out

I wonder how you can say one thing and mean another

I wonder how your heart turns to black overnight

Even when I feel this empty i still crave you to fill the void

But I can’t make your light bright

When mine is dying out.