At night

Tonight, I am just a prayer waiting in line to be heard.

-Conversations with the moon


When the moon is watching

At night,

I undo myself gently. Piece by piece, strand by strand I am coming into myself. The world slows down and we can finally speak.


As I said his name the rest of my life was meeting my past. 

It felt like the moon giving the world a little bit of light. 

At last, 

Peace was in sight. 

The Moon Song

I don’t howl at the moon, I talk to it and it listens. Find beautiful things in places that are perplexing. Smile at the fact that the sun rose and cry if you need to. All the thoughts that are buried deep in your mind, let them come outside. Let the words fill your pages and entrench you with peace. Share your feelings, tell someone you love them constantly even if it annoys them. Love unconditionally and embrace the beauty of failure. Believe In everything that makes you feel alive and don’t let anyone tell you that your spirit believes in lies. Have passion that exasperates through everything you do. Dance to the rotation of the earth and sing to every crater on the moon. Even when you’re alone in your mind you will always have the night sky.

She was Like the Night

She was the girl that said sorry too much. The one who stayed up late making flower crowns and dreaming of love. The one who wore silky dresses and danced in the sun. She stayed up late because she loved the night. There was something about the moon and the night sky that drove her crazy. Perhaps it was a reflection of her soul. Something inside of her was dying to shine and whatever it was, it was too beautiful for you and I. Only the night sky could understand all of her mind.