When you love someone you shouldn’t 

He bends my wrists back with his words. 

I am worthy. I am worthy. I am worthy. 

Yet, somehow those words remain unheard. 


I Understand the Midnight You

I understand you.
The way your heart and mind are in a constant war.
How your thoughts become autoimmune.
The way you become comfortable in pain because it feels so familiar.
I understand what its like to swallow so many words theres books growing inside.
I know what its like to find shelter in between each word.
As if safety is when you write.

-Write your pain

Happiness isn’t about that Man 

He doesn’t love you. Happiness doesn’t taste like your tears at 3am. Happiness isn’t a reflection of your insecurities. Happiness isn’t about forgiving when you know you shouldn’t. Happiness isn’t about making that man the “one” when the only one that needs love is you.Happiness won’t make you feel empty when he’s not around. He can say you’re beautiful, and that he needs you you but darling he doesn’t love you. 


It will break you. You will wake you up in the middle of the night in tears and in fear. You will keep your door closed in hopes it will keep you safe from your feelings. You will feel as if you will never be okay. As if the pain will keep consuming your every thought. You will be afraid of his touch even if it’s full of love. 
It will break you but it will not destroy you.