A love like this 

Just the thought of spending the rest of my life with him, that is the revolution I’ve been searching for. A love that lifts me so high I don’t fly, I soar. 


The Moon Song

I don’t howl at the moon, I talk to it and it listens. Find beautiful things in places that are perplexing. Smile at the fact that the sun rose and cry if you need to. All the thoughts that are buried deep in your mind, let them come outside. Let the words fill your pages and entrench you with peace. Share your feelings, tell someone you love them constantly even if it annoys them. Love unconditionally and embrace the beauty of failure. Believe In everything that makes you feel alive and don’t let anyone tell you that your spirit believes in lies. Have passion that exasperates through everything you do. Dance to the rotation of the earth and sing to every crater on the moon. Even when you’re alone in your mind you will always have the night sky.


I used to think that power meant independence. It meant leaving people wanting more. It meant holding my head up so high I could touch the sky. It meant being untouchable and desired. However, I was wrong. I justified my fears with the concept of “power.” Power is not about solitude it is about doing what scares you. You have no power if fear is what is impeding your happiness. There is no power in destroying any possibility of love but there is power in creating possibilities knowing that it may collapse in the end. We all have power and it would be truly tragic if we lived life not sharing it. Love is power. Power is love. Even if it all goes wrong, for a single moment of your life you made someone glister in happiness. That is power,human power, Godly power. The kind that no longer disguises fear but rather obliterates it’s existence.

The Kind Ones

She had grace in her heart and it was literal. She didn’t speak with mal intent and she loved so deeply she could be numb on command. She exuded zest and inhaled patience. She wasn’t perfect but she loved with no conditions. She was fearful and sometimes didn’t understand her own pain. However, she knew that what drove her mad made her beautiful. For that reason she knew that her flaws made her prodigious. She could never produce hate even when the world was against her.

Perhaps there is hope…

In such a chaotic world in which morality is collapsing and humanitarian ideals deteriorating; all we can do is love. We have to exude kindness even when we don’t want too and to those we love, show them. Remind our loved ones of the vitality of their presence and how their exasperating compassion galvanizes our soul.It’s important to recognize the negative aspects of our world but in that be an example and change oneself to be the good in this world. Changing ones attitude is a step in changing the attitude of the world. We have to emerge ourselves in love and radiate in positivity. The thing about love is that it is infinite. We can love another more than ourselves and that is truly astonishing. If we can do that then perhaps the human race isn’t that terrible and just maybe there is hope for us.