Of love

You smell of earth and taste of warmth

I think my ancestors sent you to me.



I Understand the Midnight You

I understand you.
The way your heart and mind are in a constant war.
How your thoughts become autoimmune.
The way you become comfortable in pain because it feels so familiar.
I understand what its like to swallow so many words theres books growing inside.
I know what its like to find shelter in between each word.
As if safety is when you write.

-Write your pain


I kept asking my heart to be okay. But I was looking for healing in the places that hurt the most.

This is Life

He said “but darling this isn’t the end, you have more suffering to endure and more love to feel.” You were never meant to be perfect. You were meant to self-destruct and create chaos. Stop believing that you aren’t self-sufficient and radiant. You are complex even when you think you are too simple. You give love even when it is not reciprocated. You have faith in things that seem like a realistic lie. You may not see it but you are everything the world needs. Fall in love with your pain and the world will rejoice with every move you make.

In the end, every word he spoke was the only truth I ever needed to know.

She Fell in Love Everyday

She would fall in love everyday. She fell in love with the whispers of the wind and the warmth of the sun. She fell in love with the idea she had him for another day. She had life, and with that she could accomplish the most self-less thing humans can do. love another with all their might. That is what she did, she fell in love everyday and that is why she felt tears swell up when there was no sadness. Her pain was immersed in a love so great.

Love Thyself

  • You don’t realize the importance of loving yourself until you find out you don’t. You can’t share love if you don’t feel it on your own. Loving yourself, is like a rarity unknown. In a world that profits off insecurity loving oneself is a radical proclamation. When they go, you will have a love so strong it will be more potent than acetone. When they stay, you will know how to love them in a way that makes them feel worthy, unique and above all enough.

She believed in Love

She always saw the good in people. She wanted to believe that people wouldn’t hurt her. Perhaps she was naive or maybe she was brilliant. She was fascinated by the way people’s words would entwine. The way their souls would wander by so swift yet so poise. She was the kind of person that would notice the sun’s glare with the naked eye. She was in love with the world even when it wasn’t kind. She always believed that we were built to love unconfined.